TzScan is dead, long live DunScan !

Two years ago, the OCamlPro team started working on a block explorer for Tezos: it was the first days of TzScan, that would be publicly released a few months later. For 2 years, it has been the most popular block explorer on Tezos, and we are quite proud of it. Many members of the Tezos community have been witnesses of our commitment to always improve TzScan to better fit the needs of its users.

This week, after the quorum for the Babylon amendment was reached, we decided that, with no funding to support the project anymore, we could not spend the time needed to update all our infrastructure. TzScan stopped working this morning. It’s always sad for a team when this happens.

But the adventure is not finished! TzScan still lives, thanks to the Dune Network, where it is running as the DunScan block explorer, thanks to the Dune Foundation and Origin Labs. DunScan already features some interesting improvements compared to TzScan: users can sign-in, bookmark accounts, and give accounts names that will appear everywhere. We are looking forward to give the same commitment to our new users in the Dune community!

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