Terms of Services for TzScan API


The TzScan Developer APIs is available as a free service to the Tezos community. We do our best effort to make it as available and scalable as possible, but without any warranty of any kind.

General Guidelines

If you make use of our API, you should acknowledge that fact on your website or application with a mention "Powered by TzScan API" with a direct link to tzscan.io.

We are likely to ban any application or service that would generates too much traffic, or would slow down our service for other users. If you expect your application or service to suffer from this problem, you should contact us beforehand at contact@tzscan.io.

The TzScan API is provided to the community in the hope to help build new services and new applications on top of Tezos. This API should not be used to build a competing service with the TzScan block-explorer. Instead, if you need a block-explorer, you should link to TzScan website from your application or service.


Documentation on the TzScan Developer API is available directly from the TzScan application at http://tzscan.io/api.